Officers and Board of Managers

Executive Officers

Bobbi Panter, President

Bobbi Panter

Patricia Marx, Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President
Patricia Marx

Dianne Olsen

Executive Treasurer
Dianne Olsen

Kimberly Filan

Executive Secretary
Kimberly Filan


Bobbi Panter

Executive Vice President
Patricia Marx

Executive Treasurer
Dianne Olsen

Executive Secretary
Kimberly Filan

Chairman of Advisory & Nominating
Jean Antoniou

Vice Presidents of Membership
Lauren Lein Cavanaugh
Suzette Gilchrist
Susan Gohl

Vice Presidents of Development
Donna Flynn
Maria Vathis

Vice Presidents of Strategic Planning
Paula Borg
Marcia Northrup LaBarge

Vice President of Operations
Lauren Brynjelsen

Vice Presidents of Communications
Lisa Huber
Liz Teasley
Marta Raykhshtat

Directors of Philanthropy
Sharyl Mackey
Kristine Kinder

Directors of Education
Mary Lasky
Kate Prange

Directors of Spring Luncheon
Bethany Florek
Julia Jacobs
Whitney Reynolds

Directors of Day on the Terrace
Jean Antoniou
Tracey DiBuono
Sharyl Mackey

Director of the Gala
Alexandra Meneses

Directors of the Holiday Luncheon
Debi Catenacci
Kathleen Haines-Finley
Lezley Hodes
Karen Peters

Director of Raffle
Dianne Olsen
Laura Wallace

Director of Technology
Kelly Uihlein

Cheryl Coleman
Myra Reilly

Mary Pat Burns

Assistant Treasurer
Mimi Pezzuto

Corresponding Secretary
Cathy Bartholomay

Auxiliary Board Liaison
Ann Sherrill

***All officers are also members of the Board of Managers

Board of Managers

Jean Antoniou*

Melissa Babcock

Holly Barr

Cathy Bartholomay*

Sherrill Bodine

Paula Borg*

Lauren Brynjelsen*

Mary Pat Burns*

Debi Catenacci*

Nancy Clawson

Cheryl Coleman*

Susan Colletti

Kathy Cook

Tracey DiBuono*

Laura Ekstrom

Gayle English

Kimberly Filan*

Yvonne Fitzgibbons

Bethany Florek*

Donna Flynn*

Judy Gibbons

Suzette Gilchrist*

Susan Gohl*

Tina Gravel*

Kathleen Haines-Finley*

Nancy Hayes

Lezley Hodes*

Sherry Lea Holson

Lisa Huber*

Julia Jacobs*

Candace Jordan

Beena Joseph

Kristine Kinder*

Marcia Northrup LaBarge*

Melinda Jakovich LaGrange

Mary Lasky*

Lauren Lein*

Sharyl Mackey*

Nina Mariano

Georgia Marsh

Patricia Marx*

Stacie McClane

Lyn Z. McKeaney

Alexandra Meneses*


Kathy Wolter Mondelli

Sylvia Muller

Dianne Olsen*

Bobbi Panter*

Munira Patel M.D.

Karen Peters*

Mimi Pezzuto*

Sally Jo Pfaff

Kathy Piccone

Kate Prange*

Marta Raykhshtat*

Myra Reilly*

Whitney Reynolds*

Sheree Schimmer

Peggy Scoville

Ann Sherrill*

Roni Siegel

Liz Teasley*

Denise Tomasello

Kelly Uihlein*

Maria Vathis*

Laura Wallace*

*Indicates Officer